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BANNAR Membership

Members are represented from all areas of the UK with a fairly equal split of those working predominantly in adult or paediatric backgrounds as well as dedicated adolescent rheumatology professionals. Dr Rachel Tattersall is the Chair of BANNAR, supported by 3 Deputy Chairs: Drs Martin Lee, Janet McDonagh and Flora McErlane. BANNAR members are expected to attend 2 face to face meetings annually and actively support ongoing work in the interim.

BANNAR is always looking for new members so please join us! You can do this by sending a short 2 page CV and paragraph explaining your reasons for applying to Lisa Etamoje There is no membership fee and with prior agreement, travel costs to attend meetings can be subsidised.

BANNAR membership

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Dr Rachel Tattersall (Chair)
Dr Martin Lee          (Deputy Chair)
Dr Janet McDonagh (Deputy Chair)
Dr Flora McErlane    (Deputy Chair)